Spring equinox 2017: in search for a deeper meaning

Today’s equinox is the beginning of the astrological year. While the calendar year starts on January 1st, the natural growing cycle begins in the spring and that’s the March equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere). It’s the time where the energies of new beginnings and creativity are at their highest.

During the equinox the hours of light and dark are equal. That makes this event full of symbolism (which I deeply love). For us, in the Northern Hemisphere we turn the pages from the dark (yin) period into the light (yang) period.

For me the equinox symbolizes that there is no lightness reigning over darkness, and there is no darkness reigning over lightness, instead there is equality and balance as a result of their never-ending journey through the cosmos. And it’s this dynamic balance that holds the secret to a fulfilling and abundant life.

Fire of life energy 

As the Sun moves into fiery Aries on the spring equinox, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about what is next. How you can infuse yourself with vitality? How you can innovate, experiment and go the extra mile. It’s a time to step bravely into the future.

Aries is the archetypical ‘fire of life’ energy that gets renewed in spring. Aries can give you that divine spark of power and passion to move forward. Aries is the energy that wants to experience life on your own terms and she wants to be free!

But there is more. With this equinox we have something amazing. Venus’ orbit takes 8 years around the Sun and she forms a pentagram in the sky. Isn’t that amazing? This pentagram contains the Golden Ratio and symbolizes the elements: air, earth, fire, water and spirit. In many traditions it is sacred to the Goddess. And because of her brightness and closeness to the earth we can see her as an evening or a morning star. A day before the equinox Venus is as close to the earth as possible, and in her retrograde period, that makes Venus (money, love, relationships, feminine energy) an important planet during this astrological year. It is time to break up old behavior patterns around all our relationships. That’s the message of Venus this year.

More on Venus in my other blog

This year’s equinox shows us how the archetypical energy field continues the process of transformation. Of new beginning and endings, both in the world and within ourselves. The more you know yourself, the easier it is to deal with the turnoil of the outer world.

Maybe you feel like you are a couple of steps behind what you’ve planned for the first months of this year. The equinox is the perfect time to honor the growth and pain, the light and the darkness and all the experiences that have made you who you are today. It is the perfect time to love yourself and learn to find gratitude and peace with the journey you are on.

If you want to know how this astrological new year affects you personally, feel free to book a complete free of charge connection session with me to see how we can work together.

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Shine Bright! 



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