Full Moon in Virgo: Take care of your body & soul

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Yesterday we arrived back home after a superb ski holiday in the Tiroler Alps. We enjoyed the Sun, the snow, each other and I celebrated my 37th birthday in one of my favorite (winter)spots in Europe; the Otztal.

Today, with the full moon in Virgo I did some laundry, and I worked in our garden, which is Virgo energy to the core. It helped me getting grounded in my own energy.

Full Moon in Virgo is the last full moon of the astrological year, just before spring arrives. This moon helps you analyzing your organizing and operational systems. Virgo is an analytic sign and represents the refinement of details, structure and well thought organizing principles.

This earth sign shouts a wake-up call for living consciously and in harmony with planet earth.

Living consciously starts with taking care of your body; the temple that houses you, here on this planet. You guessed it, It’s the domain of Virgo as well. So, scan yourself from head to toe. How does your body feel? Where do you feel tension? Where do you feel relaxation? Where do you feel rest or restlessness? And are you able to give the relaxation as much attention as the tension? Just notice it, objectively, which is Virgo energy as well. Remember Virgo is all about analyzing and mentioning the details. Virgo’s way to deal with out of alignment symptons, like headache, tension, restlessness, over-eating, etc. is to tune up your system with natural healing (unless, of course, you need a doctor for serious illness). Give yourself all the O2 and H2O your body needs. Treat yourself with a cup of hot water with ginger and lemon to take care of your immune system. Give yourself a daily pro-biotic, eliminate refined sugars, do some body exercises and hydrate. Your body will thank you for that.

This mutable Virgo full moon occurs with a challenging connection to Saturn (a square). Saturn is one of the teachers of life who love to give us some tests. Maybe you feel some frustrations as delays block your path. You may even feel a little down in the dumps as feelings and emotions rise to the surface more. The sunny side of this connection with Saturn is this: if you focus on your responsibilities you are likely to come to know first hand the saying that goes: all good things come to those who wait. And since Saturn loves structures as well. Take some responsibility for your life, your health, our earth. And Saturn will help you find a structure for it in your life.

Fiery planet Mars moved from fiery Aries to earthly Taurus and makes a trine to the North Node. This is the ideal time to be sensitive to the messages that the higher powers are trying to tell you. Higher powers could refer to people in authority, or to the spiritual realms. Either way you have the opportunities to move forward with renewed verve and vigour.

And on top of this we have a Retrograde Venus as well. Venus in retrograde asks us to dive into our emotional psyche to feel and heal our emotions regarding past relationships.

So, before spring bursts out, it’s time to turn inward, with the Sun in Pisces and the full moon in Virgo. Imagine all possibilities, daydream. Be creative and artistic. Shine your spiritual matters and take some time alone to check in with yourself.

Your Soul work during the full Moon in Virgo


  1. Take some time alone

Get out in nature. Use the earthly energy of Virgo to ground yourself. Try to relax, especially when times are challenging.

  1. Analyze, simplify and organize

Service oriented Virgo loves details, structures, systems and order. Where do you need to whip your live into shape? This full moon will provide you with tons of motivation to structure and declutter your life. Recommit to the rituals and systems that help you emerge as the best version of you, each and every day. Let those rituals and systems provide some grounding and a rock solid foundation as you navigate your life; emotionally, spiritually and business wise.

  1. Look backwards to move forward

Full moons illuminate the fruits of seeds planted. On a deeper level, this Virgo full moon brings you the opportunity to analyze your current state of ‘being’ over ‘doing’. Get a closer look at that what works for you and that what doesn’t work for you. It’s time to say goodbye to stories that hold you back from fully living your potential.

  1. Take care of your body

Virgo loves everything pure and earthy. Be mindful in how you threat your body; with food and exercises. Take care of your intestines as they are called ‘the second brain’. The key with this Virgo full moon is that you practice daily so that you can really feel the impact.


How are you welcoming this full moon in Virgo? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. 


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