Full Moon in Libra; Who am I opposed to others?

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Full Moon in Libra is all about partnerships and balance. Many clients often ask: ‘How do I know when my life is balanced? (Or….how do I know if this is the right partner?)

My immediate response is; I don’t know. But let me ask you this. When you become quiet, connected to your deepest self, when you feel the energy at the core of your being, how does that energy resonate with life right now? Or with your current partner, as we talk about partnerships with this full Moon in Libra.

Once you have felt that energy at the core of your being, you will be able to balance your outer life with your inner being.

For me, balance is always dynamic, is always moving and sometimes shifting. It’s this dance of life where it is our job to find a place where we feel aligned and grounded. which may be a different for everybody else and depending on the phase in your live this place may vary as well.

On the other hand, Libra energy is all about learning how to connect and grow with others and form healthy relationships and partnerships. When the Moon is in Libra it’s a perfect time to put yourself in somebody else perspective.

What I truly love about the astrology is that it points out the psychological dynamics.

This full Moon in Libra involves Aries energy as well, as the Sun is in Aries. Who am I opposed to others. And on a deeper level there is more to explore. The real journey happens inside each of us.

I work with a lot of women entrepreneurs, like myself, who operate solo. What we all have in common is that we have a need for partnerships and relationships. We simply need each other. It’s part of the human condition to connect and have meaningful connections.

Codependency comes in when we begin to feel like we need a partner to make us whole. Whatever it is, that we feel that we need from another is always something we need from ourselves.

In my own relationship my partner and I have had periods of time where he was taking responsibility for all the practical needs of our family, where I was taking care of the spiritual needs of our family. For a couple of years this was oke, but at a certain point we felt that there was something out of balance. He started to take responsibility for his own spiritual growth and I started to take care of some practical needs in our family.

My partner and I where a mirror for each other to show another what we needed to develop in ourselves. When you look at the other person and depend on him or her to fill that need, you are in effect losing a part of yourself. What you do is keeping that part of yourself from opening and developing to its full potential.

I think that this Libra full Moon shows us that every relationship is this dance between self and the other. Imbalances often mean that you are either too much focused on your own ego stuff or that you are too much focused on others. But more important is; By having a relationship or (business) partnership you are both invited to grow. Relationships can be a most joyful, fulfilling experience or they can be incredibly stressful, painful and frustrating. And that’s the journey! What’s it like for you?


Your soul work this period:

  • Feel the energy at the core of your being, how does that energy resonate with life right now?
  • How does codependency play a role in your life?
  • Where in your relationship or partnership are you not taking 100% responsibility for your own growth?




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