Full Moon in Pisces: Sensing below the surface

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I just got off the phone with one of my friends where we talked about the processes we are going through. A lot is happening right now in the cosmos and therefore on earth and thus in our personal lives as well. For both me and my friend it feels as if we need to recalibrate and build a new foundation under our lives.

I’ve spoken many people who feel kind of lost, overwhelmed or tire

2017 is, according to the numerology a 1 year, meaning a year of new beginnings. To help us with those new beginnings several major astrological events happened with the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21 as the latest highlight. This Eclipse, which continues to impact us helps us to reset, re-align and plant new seeds for the future. It’s time to recalibrate our lives. And yes, that’s not always easy. It can be painful, tough, disappointing, a real struggle and joyful at the same time.

Today’s full Moon in Pisces can give you some clarity in what wants to happen in your life.

Not only because of the Full Moon by the way. Mercury, the communicator and messenger of the Gods is turning Direct on September 6th as well. Finally, we can make up our minds, think in a more logical way and receive some clear thoughts and be open for aha moments. Things will start to fall into place. The remaining question here is; are you ready?

I believe you have 2 choices. Either you dig your head into the sand or you take up your role as leader of your own life.

Ready for a deep dive? 


Pisces takes you on a journey into the depths of your life and of life itself. Pisces want you to understand where all of this is trying to lead you to.

Pisces embodies the most intuitive, creative, sensitive, dreamy, compassionate, spirited, sacrificing energy in the Zodiac. With a full Moon in Pisces we are all encouraged to invite some of the Pisces energy into our lives. And there is more. During the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, we all planted seeds, consciously or unconsciously and now the full Moon shines her light upon our seeds. She won’t do that with a huge spotlight. The language of Pisces is to take you into the depths of your own unconsciousness. The gift of Pisces is to see below the surface into the emotional, watery realms of life.

What is flourishing in your life? What have you chosen to plant earlier and how are those seeds developing in your life?

As this full Moon walks you through your own garden of life you will be able to sense the quality of your seeds. This Moon shows you where you have work to do. It shows you through your feelings and emotions, especially the ones that upset you or bring you out of balance where you have work to do.

If you want more insights on this topic, read my blog on ‘peeling off the self-awareness onion’.

A Pisces full Moon helps us to tap into a feeling of universal love and belonging.

The polarity of this full Moon in Pisces lies in the Sun in Virgo. Pisces and Virgo are quite the opposite, yet they need each other. The feeling of universal love and belonging, or boundless love, can only retrieved and felt in-depth when we have our feet on the ground. Which is defined by Virgo. A lot of spiritual people want to feel aligned. True alignment can only occur when you are grounded in your being, with your feet upon the earth and fully embracing your being on this planet.

This is a Moon to give extra attention to your feelings and emotions. Be tender for yourself. You can feel more emotional, intuitive or sensitive during this full Moon. Allow this Moon to open your heart, awaken your spirit and realign with your dreams and mother earth.

To support yourself in this process I highly recommend you to take some time for yourself. Put your phone in flight mode and spend some time offline. One of my go-to’s (beside meditation and massages) are Salt baths. I recently started with them. Using high concentrations of Dead Sea Salt, Epsom salt, Magnesium and essential oils with clearing characteristics like lavender, cedar, sage.

While the hot water itself is relaxing and soothing, salt, from a shamanic perspective is said to clear and dissolve subtle, unharmonized energies, and it will do miracles for your skin 😉

Drink lots of water to keep it flowing.

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