Full Moon in Sagittarius: Connecting the dots

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Full Moons are always magical to me. This month we will have a pretty heavy full Moon in the optimistic and energetic sign of Sagittarius and it comes with a sense of seriousness in it.

With the Sun in Gemini and the full Moon right in the opposing sign Sagittarius, the theme of this full Moon is finding balance between the curious, versatile, lively conversations and the emotional need of getting a big-picture-view of life. 

The Sun in Gemini loves the variety, the networking and all the random information that comes by on a daily basis. This makes it hard to have a strong focus which can leave us running in circles, unable to follow up on our commitments because of all the distraction.

Help is on the way. As the Moon enters Sagittarius and moves opposite the Sun, Saturn is standing beside the Moon. Saturn is all about boundaries, narrowing our focus, taking up our responsibility and  sacrificing anything needless to avoid getting lost in overwhelm, confusion, uncertainty and vagueness. It’s the energy that’s forcing us to face our limitations, to get a renewed sense of reality.

This full Moon helps us to declutter and create a firm focus for our business and our lives, based on common sense. It’s the push we need in creating a vision for our lives, grounded in the realities of what works best (don’t roll your eyes!). I believe that everything starts with a vision. And that a vision is nothing more than a process by which we use our experiences, our awareness, our surroundings and our inner selves to develop ideas, programs, plans, businesses that we believe will shape our destiny.

We are being asked to choose consciously which information is valuable for our life and our business. Figure out what is serving you and what isn’t, so you can have a clear picture in your mind where you’re going.

This full Moon encourages you to take the next step in up-leveling your business. Leave the childish curiosity of wanting to know everything about everyone and everything behind. Pay less attention to what others are doing on social media. Choose your direction, stick to it and keep the big picture in mind, whilst finding your way. Sagittarius has optimistic, vibrant, energetic, fierce qualities. We are encouraged to tap into those qualities and follow our own rhythm and path.

The mixed energy of this full Moon is guiding us through our journey of life. One of the most important things in life is to take time to look back on the journey, be grateful and celebrate what we’ve accomplished so far. To find the joy as we grow and evolve.

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