Full Moon in Scorpio – overcoming your paradoxes

By 9 mei 2017mei 12th, 2017full moon

Yes! She’s here again. A bright full Moon. This Month the full Moon is in Scorpio and represents a time of culmination. This full Moon is going to represent a turning point in the year and is an opportunity to really embrace and accept any recent changes (yayyy!!).

Scorpio is the sign of transformation and if you are facing some tough challenges or real transformations you can feel the energy. It’s like electricity hanging in the air.

The Moon represents our needs and how we best take care of ourselves. With the Moon in Scorpio there is more need of deep, intimate, powerful connections. It’s about the desire to feel loved, to be seen, to be heard, to be understood. But before another can see us, we need to connect with ourselves first.

With this Scorpio energy it’s time to work on your BEING. It’s time to tune into your intuition, the quietness of your Soul. Scorpio doesn’t really like all those noisy things out there (like Taurus).

The reason why we have a full Moon is because the Moon and the Sun are apposed each other. Scorpio is complex while Taurus (the apposite sign) is about simplicity. So this is what happens:

With the Sun in Taurus there is a sense to be practical and clear about your values.
Yet, with the Moon in Scorpio something more profound is needed. There is this paradox between searching for a deeper meaning versus simply enjoy life. Or we might we caught between passion and relaxation, crises and ease, the dark and the light, intense emotional feelings and getting things done. And it is those paradoxes, or the opposing points of view where wisdom occurs.

It’s that sweet spot where the transcendence of those two opposing points of view come together.

This full Moon is loaded with a lot of tense energy (Pluto sextile Moon) which makes this particular Moon a perfect time to get rid of all those things that doesn’t serve you.

If you want to challenge yourself to change or transform something in your life. Now is the time. It’s time to (re) claim your personal power.

Claiming your personal power, in the first place is all about acknowledging that you are more than just a physical body. That you are part of something that is bigger than you. And that your sense of belonging and purpose, which lies in all of us, becomes important in your life.

Questions to ask yourself during this full Moon:

1. How can I maximize the results I have today?
2. What can I let go that’s no longer serving me?
3. What are the returning lessons in my life?

To do’s during a full Moon

• celebrate what you’ve accomplished.
• Work hard, play hard
• create new programs
• write new blog posts
• plan a party
• complete the tasks you dreamt about during the new Moon



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