New Moon in Cancer: let your feelings flow again

The New Moon in Cancer is a calling to awaken your inner world, to make a connection with your own feelings of wellbeing and safety. The energy of Cancer helps us to nurture, to care, to seek comfort and safety within our familylife. Therefore Cancer represents feminine energy.

With the summer solstice just 3 days prior to this New Moon, this New Moon comes at a turning point in the year. It’s a cosmic invitation to explore our own needs regarding comfort, safety, nurturing and exploring our own emotional base. It’s important for us to attend to our need so we can stay in the flow of life.

With four planets in de sign of cancer (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars) this energy is super powerful and strong.

Let your feelings flow again

This New Moon, where cancer is represented by water is an opportunity to let your feelings flow again. Especially for those of us who have the Sun or the Moon in Cancer it’s a powerful moon to break some patterns and set renewed intentions for how we want to feel. If there is something not right, if you feel unsettled, if you have the feeling something is missing…take time to slow down, to turn inwards and to make a connection with who you really are. Take a moment to check in with yourself and notice what comes up for you in your life, right now.

From career to calling

A lot of my clients are successful men and women in business. Who’s career choiches are based on their talents, on what they are good at. They developed those skills, like a huge talent to connect, to listen or even sell, based on their excellent skills to tune in to the other to feel what they need or want to hear. Sometimes those skills aren’t even their innate skills. These skills where needed in order to survive and protect their own vulnerability in the environment they where raised. If you grew up in a family with two parents who had fights quite regularly, and you are a sensitive soul (we all are) you needed to develop skills like bringing harmony, peace, connection and communication.

Or maybe, like one of my clients who is an excellent organizer. She is highly qualified and skilled in organizing and even made it her dayjob. But this talent was not bringing her joy anymore. She missed the most crucial part in her job; having fun doing it. She used to organize everything in her family when she was growing up because she was the oldest sister and her parents where working very hard in their business and didn’t have time and energy to organize and structure their family life, so she did. And she became so good at it that she made it her job.

Her soul, however, wanted something else. And thus, the search for ‘who am I’ and ‘what is it that I really want in my life’ began. She started painting. And by the way, it where incredible beautiful, touching paintings. And through her paintings she found herself. She heard the whispers of her soul. Her talent of organizing was no longer needed. She learned to come home, to take care of her soul, to nurture and cherish her feelings. And be comfortable with it.

This is the journey we all need to take. Finding an answer on this ‘who am I’ question.

And mostly we need to break some limiting patterns. The most difficult part in breaking patterns is this: If you are super qualified and known for your excellent organizing skills, your networking skills, etc. people will praise you for it. And especially if this skill is not what you came her for you need the praise from others. Breaking the patterns, that are no longer serving you, you need to let go. This means that there is a time where you are in transition. You won’t be getting the reward, the praises and the compliments for your efforts.

And this is where your ground of being comes in. And the courage to claim it.

This is what I do with my clients; Building a ground of being, whilst shifting from career to calling.

If you feel emotional, or a little bit shaky you can set an intention to find balance and healing here. New Moon in Cancer is also a great time for setting an intention to address situations that involve power struggles, for example to get some clarity on issues where you are giving your power away.


New Moon in Cancer ritual

  • Feel if you have any desires to shift limiting patterns that are no longer serving you.
  • Feel what you are feeling, without judgment or expectations. Try to silence the voices in your head.
  • Surround yourself with people you love and trust and feel safe and comfortable with
  • Create a sacred place in your home where you can be YOU
  • Practice self-care. Book a massage, take a bath, burn a candle and nurture yourself.
  • Write down your intention, speak them out loud and make sure you feel it!
  • Get on with your week, known that you set your intention and you expressed your wishes to the Universe.


Come on retreat with me  

I am co-hosting a retreat in the Netherlands, where we will cover this exact topic. During this retreat we will create a dispachito (several small despacho’s) just after the New Moons. A despacho is a beautiful prayer and offering to the Earth, the mountain spirits, the stars, the planets, the waters. It’s an act of Love and gratitude and helps us set a powerful and meaningful intention. If you feel the call to nurture and nourish your soul, connect with nature, yourself and likeminded women I invite you to join me on this retreat this weekend at Yogabee, Domburg, The Netherlands.

It’s going to be a soulful, fun, enriching 3 days of listening to the callings of your soul. Taking the time to ask yourself ‘who am I’, ‘what is it that I really want in my life’. It’s a journey to your soul with practical hands-on tools.

If you’re interested there are a few spots left. Just send me an email to get all the details or visit this Facebook page 


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