New Moon in Gemini: Communicate with passion, love and authenticity

Thursday’s New Moon in Gemini wants to remind us that new ideas come in with ease, especially when we are in alignment with the Universe. And how to make the most of the opportunities that come along.

New Moon’s are great times to get into manifestation mode. During a New Moon it’s time for new beginnings. It’s time for a clean slate, to turn inwards, go beyond your noisy mind to tap into your inner wisdom.

We have a rare New Moon where the Sun and the Moon standing together without making any other aspect to another planet. In astrology we call this a duet. Like in the musical sense, it requires two participants who play music together and the rest of the orchestra is quiet.

Gemini is about understanding life in all its diversity. Looking at it from every corner. Seeing every angle. It reminds us of the different connections, and all those layers, everywhere around us.

When I tune into the energy of the New Moon I always look at some other patterns in the horoscope as well, especially the connection of the planet who rules Gemini -communication-, which is Mercury. Mercury is in a challenging position, so we are challenged to have a closer look at out communication patterns.

It’s a time to ask yourself how steady you are in your opinions and how solid your point of view is? Can you stay true to your way of connecting the dots? Even if it’s not logical for those around you? We all have our own way of looking at things and pointing out the things that matters the most to us.

This is about staying true to your wisdom, to what you already know. Do you dare to follow your own path, your own rhythm and your way of communicating what you know to be true?

I struggled with this myself a lot. In my sensitivity I just know what others want to hear from me. And every time I had to choose again to stay true to my own light and wisdom or to please the other. I found this incredible challenging. For me the underlying theme was this: Could I stay true to myself or was I searching for security by conforming to others and their expectations?

In building an (online) business there is this rat race going on, on how to stand out in the crowd. Key in this “standing out in the crowd” thing is communication. I have the feeling that it is more than ever important to stay true to your opinions and to make sure that your thinking is independently, authentic and filled with wisdom.

This New Moon gives us the change to sense where we are out of alignment in our communication. All we have to do is turn inward and ask ourselves some crucial questions.

With this New Moon, Mercury, the planet that rules communication is in Taurus. That’s an invitation to make some solid and concrete plans, grounded in your values. So, if you are in the fase of adjusting here and there. This is your change.

Maybe your usual ideas and beliefs are being challenged. The time is here to reassess your values regarding communication and if you are ready to adopt some new beliefs. The universe has your back.

Take your time, think about your beliefs and communicate your truth with compassion and love.

New Moon Gemini Mantra:

It’s time for a clean slate. I turn inwards. I go beyond my noisy mind and tap into my inner wisdom. I trust my inner channels of communications and guidance more than anything else.

I honor my knowing. I connect the dots. I trust. I communicate with compassion, love and authenticity.

With the Crescent Moon, right after the New Moon you can set your intention, as clear, simple and explicit as possible on how you want your communication to be.



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