Running a business can be a most joyful, fulfilling experience

or it can be incredibly stressful, frustrating and overwhelming.

What’s it like for you? 

  • Set a foundation for your business that’s totally aligned with who you are?
  • Learn how to apply the Universal Laws in your everyday life?
  • Accelerate your business using a potent blend of spirituality and strategy?
  • Be more committed to your mission than to your fears?
  • inspire others?
  • Learn the mindset secrets of millionaires?
  • Get fast results in your business without losing yourself?
  • Learn how to stay positive when people around you are negative (even if it are loved ones)?
  • Like you’re a failure in your own business?
  • Overwhelmed, frustrated and confused because you did everything by the book and yet you don’t see results?
  • Like 90% of your talent is untapped and you don’t have a clue how to let your talent flow freely into the world?
  • Busy as never before with a To-do list that never ends?

Not that long ago I was a failure in my own coaching business, despite the fact that I was a GREAT coach and astrologer. I’ve never learned how to manage my business on my own, even though I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.

I felt miserable, ashamed, overwhelmed and totally confused. I wondered what was wrong with me.

Here I was with a bunch full of diploma’s like Commercial Economics, Jungian Psychology a Master’s Degree in Astrology, a lot of working experience. I knew I had talent and the ability to serve, but my talent was 90% untapped. I wanted so badly to open the tap, let it all out and flood the world and my life with goodness.


It wasn’t until I made the decision that I would no longer settle for this unfulfilling life. I hired a business coach to get me back on track. To discover my true desires and how to bring them back into my life and my business.

I stopped waiting for clients to come. I stopped doing everything on my own. I decided to take full responsibility for my life and my business. I decided to thrive my business!

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Devices academy

It’s time to do less, but better.

It’s time to blend spirituality with strategy

  • How to align your dreams and visions so you can attract them into your life
  • The 5-step foundation of a succesful business that’s truly aligned with your purpose in life
  • How to unlock your success vibration
  • How to use the power of the universe
  • 3 recorded video trainings
  • 3 workbooks to follow through the course
  • bonus meditations to get you on track