Sovereign Self Leadership retreat

For women leaders, change makers & entrepreneurs

Embody your Sovereignty.

Reconnect to your Joy.

Refresh your Soul.

Our world needs your unique leadership…

A leadership that comes from within

A leadership that aligns with your innate wisdom

A leadership that has a regenerative, uplifting, transformative effect on your environment.

Whether you’re a coach, an entrepreneur or a manager, you know in your bones that

you are here to weave your unique gifts into existence.

This past year has put our life, our systems, our way of doing things under a magnifying glass. 


It’s stretched us and taken us into new territory. 
It showed us that we need to evolve to new levels of leadership. But we cannot redesign things without understanding the new rules. 
And this is where your sovereignty comes in. There is this bigness inside of you, this place of innate knowing

and you are ready to claim it. 

You believe there is a way to show up as the unique, powerful women you are without sacrificing what’s important to you…

You want your life and business to be pleasurably, fulfilling and joyful.

You want your work to run deeper.

You want to show up in the most aligned and soulful way.  

Are you ready for a soul nourishing, heart opening, deeply clarifying journey?

In order to release your authenticity into the world and receive the…


clarity, joy, aliveness, impact, you’ve been yearning for….


It’s time to stop. Look. Listen and sense. 

It's time to...

Heal your nervous system more deeply than you ever have before.

Co-create with your potential that will guide you into embodying your true gifts and make your mark in the world.

We invite you to root down and rise up in your most sovereign way

The Sovereign Self Retreat is ….

An intimate gathering of like-minded women to discover and embody their sovereignty and co-create a life and business overflowing with abundance and pleasure. 


We have space for up to 12 women on this journey. Maaike & Rosalie famously create a feeling of connection, warmth, intimacy, playfulness and wonder. There is space and time to connect and uncover, but also to have time alone if you so choose. We hold space for you in your uniqueness.


The Sovereign Self Retreat lets you experience a different approach in leading and living your life to the fullest.

In this 5-day journey we’ll experience the time bending effect of slowing down. 


We’ll ask important questions, exploring how to honor and align with your individual calling and you will explore how your work and life can evolve in the most aligned and soulful way. 


We’ll gather in a beautiful circle of strong, vibrant women. We’ll experience the beauty and sacred energy of Monte Velho and you can indulge yourself in the nourishing flavours of delicious food and you’ll walk away with greater clarity, joy and aliveness. 


When women heal they change the world with their magic.

In this retreat:

You’ll gain clarity on what a healthy and sustainable life looks like for you.

You learn how to create greater flow.

You explore how to be in your zone of genius based on your personal horoscope.

You learn how to light the fire around your actions, without being a drill sergeant or a nervous wreck.

You sharpen your vision for the impact you want to make in the world.

You learn how to trust your intuition and act on it.

You learn to express yourself with more clarity, power and authority.

You deepen your ability to connect with others, so they feel heard, seen, appreciated and encouraged by you.

You will also receive…


Quantum Healing Sessions

These powerful healing sessions are portals where you will release, re-wire and re-activate your body and mind energetically with your souls essence.


Group coaching call upfront the retreat

During this powerful zoomcall we will help you get into the right vibe for the retreat so you can get the most out of it.


Astrological blueprint

You will receive a personal astrology blueprint so you get insights into your unique psychological wiring and life potential.


The details:

Your investment

Payment in full: €1995,-
Payment plan: 3 x €750,-

This includes: 

  • 5-nights stay at Monte Velho Retreat centre
  • 3 Deliciously Nourishing Meals Each Day (lunch & dinner on arrival; breakfast on departure)
  • All drinks and sweets during the day included
  • Daily morning yoga practice
  • Daily group sessions
  • Exclusive access to Maaike & Rosalie
  • Tools and resources to support you in becoming sovereign and expanding within your leadership and business
  • Astrological blueprint
  • Group coaching call upfront the retreat
  • Quantum Healing Sessions
  • Surf class with a certified instructor
  • Follow-up after the retreat for further integration


We offer a deeply transformation yet lighthearted program based on the Sovereign Life Model. We combine energy work with surfing and yoga – strengthening your embodiment and overall wellbeing.

To give you an idea of what to expect:


The beautiful environment, nourishing food, warmth and connection with each other will help you relax deeply and soften into your heart, so you can hear your clear truths and inner wisdom. Your sense of what’s possible will expand, so does your authenticity.


Together, we’ll form a group of like-hearted, vibrant women, supporting one another’s growth and aliveness, sharing something deeply personal will weave a deep connection with one another.


We’ll explore any unhealthy patterns, internalized cultural/societal narratives, or ecological resistances that create “glass ceilings” in our lives & work. We’ll discern what’s ours, seeing what needs to be tended or released, so we can move forward steadily and sustainably.


As we move through the week, we will slowwww time down, drawing the pleasure out of each moment and truly savoring the experience. As we slow down and explore deeper levels, we transcend mindlessness, overwhelm and chronic busy-ness.


With clear intentions, freedom from our internal “glass ceilings”, deep support, and a commitment to embracing our path with maximum ease, we can start mapping out clear, aligned action steps to take.


Rather than coming home with a notebook full of overwhelming to-do’s, you’ll come home feeling joyously feminine, intensively alive, deliciously indulged, inspired and solidly grounded in your next steps. Because we use the retreat time to take action and to deeply rest, integration is natural.

There will also be a structure for support after the retreat, for further integration.

This is where you will stay:

The award winning Monte Velho eco retreat centre in Portugal serving amazing plant based food (seriously the best we ever had). From the “Monte” top, you become consciousness of the vast natural space around you, the strength of the elements in the region and the overwhelming beauty of one of the most, or perhaps last, secret places in the world.

If you’re ready for a retreat that leaves you feeling joyously feminine, intensively alive and deliciously indulged, then the Sovereign self retreat is definitely for you! 

This has been a truly enriching experience for me. I have gotten to know and develop myself on a level that I did not know was possible. I learnt not only to listen to my intuition but to also trust it fully.

Kim TaylorMarketing director

My selfacceptance and especially BEING who I am where the big shifts this week… Also getting much in tune with my intuition and creating a super clear mission and vision from a state of knowing instead of puzzling with it. Thank you so much. I felt truly seen, heard and welcome

Margriet Manuel

I loved the holistic approach, the energetic touch, the knowledge, wisdom, humor, warmth and coziness. It was all so authentic. The interaction between the two of you is fabulous and you both take utmost care to hold the space for us and go even deeper. And I loved the surfing part! What a brilliant idea! Thank you, thank you, thank you..:)

Monique Pauwcoach & trainer

Going on retreat with Maaike & Rosalie is life changing. They are amazing at creating the space you need to show up as your true self. The variation and flow of the retreat helped me to grow beyond my current perspective. To have Maaike en Rosalie as guides and spend time with them is a gift


Meet Maaike & Rosalie 

Maaike Pieters and Rosalie Puiman are both certified Transformational Presence Coaches. They have been working together for years, and are sisters of the soul. Their combined energy is grounded, warm, open and deep, creating an atmosphere of safe transformation. Between them, they have a ton of valuable wisdom and experience in authentic leadership, raising consciousness and mindful communication.

Maaike Pieters

Maaike learned the hard way that “BEING” always comes before the “DOING” and that true leadership comes from within. It’s not about the right strategy, about tools or tips and trics or the next step-by-step process. It’s an internal game.

It’s about aligning your mind, body and soul. Maaike helps you to get out of your head into your body, using the astrology and in-depth psychology as her tools as well as her highly intuitive knowing. She connects her clients with their innate knowing and wisdom.

Rosalie Puiman

Rosalie guides and activates conscious leaders. She’s highly intuitive, trained in energy work and ThetaHealing®, but she’s also very grounded and loves to make things actionable. Rosalie combines coaching and healing techniques to support you in connecting to your intuition, release what is no longer serving you and manifest life on your own terms. She’s the author of The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution (2019).

We can’t wait to see you in Portugal and hold space for your Sovereignty