Total Solar Eclipse in Leo: Are you the Queen of your life?

By 20 augustus 2017astrology

This will be an August to remember. With 2 eclipses, 2 new Moons and Mercury Retrograde this is a time to rest, renew, refresh and replenish your life and your business. At least, it is for me.

The upcoming Total Solar Eclipse of August 21 will take place at 28 degrees of Leo and aligns with the royal fixed star Regulus. Leo is already the sign of Kings and Queens. So with Regulus as the Star of Kings at the same degree as this eclipse brings an extra dimension of this energy into our lives.

The question is; Are you the King / Queen in your life?

What I mean by that is whether you are in charge of your life or someone else is. Leo inspires us to shine our most brilliant, authentic light. It’s about real leadership. This eclipse takes place in the heart of the constellation of the Lion. Therefore it’s about leading from the heart. Owning your power. Anchoring your crown and live from a place of integrity and sovereignty.

What I found in my own life and in the lives of my clients is that we are only shining our most brilliant light if we let our soul into our life. Even though this might sound super easy and logic. It’s not that simple.

Let me share with you my personal experience and where I am at right now. This eclipse is hitting (exactly!) my North node and my Moon-Neptune conjunction. This means that it’s time for me to re-align with my soul mission (North node), deepen my purpose and allow my sensitivity (which is huge) to flow trough my life and work, more than I already did before.

But here is the real thing: Over the past years I developed a pattern of overscheduling, overworking, over delivering and tons of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’. This pattern was a consequence of my natural drive toward productivity, perfection, achievement and success.

Yet, underneath it, this drive towards perfection was born out of the fear of not being good enough. When fear is involved, consciously or unconsciously you cannot thrive. I cannot thrive. This is my wake-up call to make some serious changes in my life and really lead from the heart.

A month ago I started to create more space in my day. I literally started to slow down. I am even walking slower – you know, stop to smell the flowers, just to lean into my pleasures, lean into my senses. For me it is time to not only use my head and my brains, but my whole body. To let my body speak…and I cannot do anything else but listen.

For me this is a time to recalibrate. This is not an overnight process. It will take months. Do I have to whole picture? Not yet. But, I do know that this is one of the most significant times in my life. That I needed this kick in the butt to finally get the courage to step into who I came here to be. I’m still evolving and have faith and trust in the process. Thanks to the astrology I am able to look behind the surface and discover the deeper meaning. That alone gives me confidence and trust.

So this eclipse is a challenge and an invitation for all of us to transform the things that are not serving you in shining your most brilliant, authentic light. This is an invitation to start a new chapter that is more aligned with your soul.

Even though we have Solar Eclipses every year, having a Total Solar Eclipse is a rare phenomenon and something we won’t see for the next couple of years.

This Total Solar Eclipse will sweep across the United States of America from the Northwest (Oregon) to the Southeast (South Carolina) and is therefore called the Great American Eclipse. The last time this happened was 1931. I will not go into details about political or mondial consequences of this eclipse for the world or the USA. But this eclipse will affect every single one of us. If you are a US citizen it might even affect you more. In the means that you feel the pressure of change, which can make you restless.

Throughout history, eclipses have been seen as portals of great challenges and changes. A Solar Eclipse blocks the light of the Sun. It’s getting dark when it’s supposed to be light. Even the birds stop singing. The ancients believed that during a Solar Eclipse, the light of the Sun would give way to the darkness in order to be transformed.

This moment of darkness was believed to be a highly spiritual and awakening moment that would help the Sun to return even brighter and stronger in the sky.

This particular eclipse in Leo indicates a time of radical evolution and change. It will be a time of endings and new beginnings and of breakdowns and breakthroughs. Eclipses are always portals of times to move with the energy of change. It’s about co-creating with the universe and willingness to change so we can make our own evolution more graceful and easy.

The powerful aspect of this eclipse with the royal fixed start Regulus, and the planets Uranus and Mars makes it one of a kind. The kind that will set your life on fire.

More than ever I feel that the time is there for leaders to lead from the heart. For women to rise. To anchor our intuition and divine wisdom deep into our hearts and lead from a place of integrity, compassion, loyalty and generosity.

It’s time to shift our inner compass from mindful into heartful.

“In cultures around the world, eclipses have become a symbol for the evolution of the world soul. They represent the union of polarities – of male and female, heaven and Earth, spirit and soul. This is the alchemical ‘Great Work’ written in the sky, it’s an opportunity for us to choose what we want to create.”   – Donna Woodwell


Monday’s eclipse will offer a new beginning. I hope that you take the time to recalibrate and rebalance what is necessary for a new era to emerge.

If you want to know how the eclipse of this month affect you and your business. If you want to know the bigger picture and how to navigate, I’m here to help you remember who you are, why you’re here, and what that special thing is that only you can do! Then click here and let me be your cosmic guide.


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    Geweldig Maaike! Mooi stuk met jouw eigen kwetsbaarheid hierin en the will to change als voorbeeld voor anderen.

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