Virgo New Moon; new beginnings on 3 different levels

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The New Moon is on the horizon and while she is barely visible for the eye, her presence will remain. This is a long read, but worth it!

This new Moon in the earthy sign of Virgo on September 20 marks a new beginning on 3 different levels.

  1. A new beginning on a practical level of organizing and being organized
  2. A new beginning on the level of your health
  3. A new beginning on the level of the rising of the feminine

Traditionally Virgo is known as a sign related to order, structure, organization and purification. Ask a Virgo (or someone with a lot of planets in Virgo) to order her bookshelf and changes are she will organize and categorize everything by color;-) It gives her joy and rest (which means order to her). For this reason Virgo enjoys schedules, diaries, bullet journals, calendars etc. All tools to help you put some order in your life.

A new beginning on a practical level of organizing and being organized

With a New Moon in Virgo it’s time to organize your office, your work, your life, and to have an extra look at all the systems and structures you are using. Are they still beneficial? If you want to get the work done what kind of order in your life do you need?

A new beginning on the level of your health

Virgo rules the nervous systems and the intestines. So, digestion, literally and metaphorically shows up here. The Brain and the gut are connected here in a two-way communication system. Your gut houses a second brain called the ‘gut brain’ or ‘Enteric Brain’. Interestingly, these two brains are created out of the same tissue. Just like the larger brain in your head, researchers say the gut brain system sends and receives impulses, records experiences and respond to emotions. The nerve cells of your gut are bathed and influenced by the same neurotransmitters. The gut can upset the brain just as the brain can upset the gut. The gut’s brain plays a major role in your happiness and misery. Did you know that most diseases start in the intestines? Back to the astrology. If you have had physical complaints or emotional wounds in the last few months, this Virgo New Moon is going to support you in bringing back some balance into your life.

With this Virgo New Moon you are supported in building a bridge between your mind and your body, your brain and your gut feeling/intuition. In this sense, Virgo is the gateway between the body and the mind, which is why tuning into your mind and your body is so important on any healing journey.

With the energy of this Moon we are all being called to pay extra attention to the condition of our body and mind. If we want to become whole it’s time to heal ourselves from toxic thoughts and foods. This New Moon in earthy Virgo will be your guide. To help you with this here are some things you can do:

Grounding – tuning into the earth’s frequency

Being grounded in your body is an important condition to let your intuition guide you. Feel yourself supported by life itself and mother earth. You can do this best by finding a spot on the earth. Stand with your shoes and your socks off. Feel the ground beneath your feet, the texture, the temperature, feel your toes as well as your heels.

Why is this so important?

Our earth is emitting a continual frequency, known as the Schumann resonance. It’s the frequency that’s necessary for maintaining and creating life! When our bodies have direct contact with it we are brought to that very same frequency (7.83 Hz)!

Grounding is easy and often an overlooked aspect of health. At the end, grounding gives you an improved balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

So, kick off your shoes and tap into the earth’s healing vibrations today.

I highly recommend the movie Resonance – Being of Frequency on this topic.

Epsom salt baths

They’re my personal favorites! Soaking in an Epsom salt bath is a great way to protect and cleanse your energetic field. Add some essential oils of your favorite flavor to it for extra clearing (I love cedar and lavender).

Another favorite of mine is not looking at my phone as soon as I wake up. Personally I need time to wake up, feel my body and establish myself in the physical reality. There are days that I turn on my phone after 11 in the morning. Just to give myself the time that I need to be fully present.

A new beginning on the level of the rising of the feminine

The final level of this New Moon in Virgo is what I call the rising of the feminine. Many women (myself included) have spent their lives trying to be successful and making it in a man’s world. But things are changing. More and more women feel that this way of working and living is no longer sustainable. There is a global shift happening.

The one-sided attention on masculine energy over the last 2000 years has put our whole world out of balance. Such as the outward-facing force, the desire to take direct action, targeting, one-pointedness, doing, authority, competition, power, prevail, domination, hierarchical structures, self-interest, ego-driven desires and materialism to name a few. The imbalance causes conflicts, upheaval and disasters (globally and personally).

Our mass consciousness is moving into higher frequencies. As men and women are getting more in touch with their core being. The imbalance of our world is floating to the surface.

The rise of the feminine is a manifestation of the resistance to the imbalance of energies and has nothing to do with feminism.

Nikita Mor writes about feminism:

“While the feminist movement was essential to establishing the rights of women as equal beings, women began to lose touch with their feminine nature. Many women began seeing it as something undesirable to be overcome. This led to women trying to be and act like men, rather than nurturing their natural gifts as women. While there is no fixed notion of how women should or should not act (the entire basis of feminism), this bias toward masculinity has done a great disservice to the nature of the divine feminine”.

A lot of the feminine qualities like sensing behind the surface, having faith, the ability to wait, an inner knowing that everything is constantly changing and flowing, that life itself is a cycle like ebb and flow, a wisdom that her creativity will flow through when the time is there. There is no such thing as good or bad, it is what it is, acceptance, overflowing, connection with everything and every human being around her, being able to receive, to nurture, to care, to give birth, to lead a meaningful life in connection with the source of life are floating to the surface, out of the dark waters of our sub consciousness.

She wants to have a voice! She wants to be heard and seen and feel. It’s up to us to realign with those feminine qualities to bring back the balance on earth.

In this light Virgo has a much deeper meaning and is quit often misunderstood. In ancient times moon priestesses were called Virgins. Virgin meant; not married, not belonging to a man. She was a woman who was ‘one in herself’. The word Virgin derives from a Latin root meaning strength, force, skill. So the name Virgin did not refer to any sexual chasity, but sexual independence. That’s a whole new perspective on the tradition Virgo sign in astrology.

This new Moon in Virgo (Sun and Moon together at the same degree) gets some company of Venus, Mars and Mercury. This is epic and hasn’t occurred since 2170 years….! Venus, the feminine energy, Mars, the masculine energy and Mercury, the communicator and messenger of the Gods are in this together. It’s as the heavens above are giving us a message. Are you ready to receive that message and act on it?

To me it looks like the feminine energy is not hiding anymore. She is rising and realigning with the masculine energy to create a new healthy balance in the world.

‘Woman are the leaders of the Aquarian Age not because they have finally ‘won’ the proverbial war of the sexes, but because they have finally recognized their own true nature and decided to serve it –and deliver it- for the good of all’.

– Yogi Bhajan

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